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Photochromic glasses made with the best technologies from the best brands

Women's, men's, cycling, polarised... glasses with lenses that adapt to changes in light intensity are becoming increasingly popular, precisely because they allow a wide range of uses in many circumstances in which they are indispensable, as well as being indispensably comfortable for everyday use.
Photochromic lenses are able to vary their transparency status according to exposure to sunlight and are designed with the concept of 'accompanying' our eyes from light to dark, and vice versa, limiting as much as possible the discomfort due to the natural adaptation that our eyesight has to undergo, especially when such 'transitions' are repeated frequently.

Occhiali fotocromatici Etnia Barcelona
occhaili fotocromatici da uomo

With new optical technologies, we now have different types of photochromic glasses, designed for different needs and combined with different types of frames.

To choose the photochromic eyewear that is right for us, we have to take into account the use we will put it to, in order to have maximum performance and enjoy the benefits of these 'magic' lenses on our sight.

Women's photochromic glasses

Women do not only move in the world of fashion, made up solely of aesthetics and details - especially when it comes to glasses - ! Increasingly attracted by quality and comfort, in every situation, for a dynamic and versatile lifestyle, they love to combine the technical qualities of accessories with the design that characterises their style. Never before have women's photochromic spectacles been as popular as they are today, not least because of the range offered by the best optical brands.

occhiali fotocromatici da donna

Oakley Plazma photochromic cycling glasses

Suitable for wearing on the move, Oakley's Plazma photochromic glasses are perfect for sports such as cycling. This boldly designed model is made of O-Matter, the ultra-lightweight, crushproof material Oakley has been using for years to build its performance eyewear, guaranteeing durability even with the stresses of sporty use. The photochromic Oakley Plutonite lenses in these sunglasses vary their transparency status depending on exposure to UV radiation, protecting the eyes in all weather conditions.

occhiali fotocromatici Oakley

Ray-Ban photochromic glasses

The photochromic Evolve lenses of these highly recognisable Ray-Ban sunglasses, in the typical aviator shape, provide constant eye protection in all light situations. The light and elegant gold metal frame with nose pads allows for daily use with great style and practicality. The Ray-Ban Evolve photochromic lenses are available in different colours. 

occhiali fotocromatici Rayban

AIRDP photochromic glasses - Umby and Francy

Alex Del Piero's brand offers innovative, quality eyewear. The frames are made of soft-touch, comfortable and durable materials. AIRDP photochromic glasses are equipped with photochromic lenses that darken according to light, available in more classic or fancier shapes, for both men and women.

occhiali fotocromatici Airdp
occhiali fotocromatici Airdp

Gucci 'Blue & beyond' photochromic glasses

The Blu control photochromic lenses of these Gucci sunglasses combine the advantages of photochromic lenses (protection of eyesight in any light change situation) with protection against the blue light of screens and PCs. making these sunglasses ideal for any situation, both outdoors and indoors at home and at work, without neglecting the renowned and unmistakable style of the great Maison, eternally intriguing and irresistible. 

occhiali fotocromatici Gucci

Made by the famous Saint Laurent brand, these Blue & beyond glasses feature Blue cut photochromic lenses to cut out blue light, which is harmful to our eyes, and are ideal for both work and everyday life. The elegance of the frame makes them indispensable for those who love refined style and practicality in every situation.

occhiali fotocromatici SAINT LAURENT
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