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Decades of technological innovations applied to the construction of the lenses for Ray-Ban Sunglasses have brought today to the creation of a highly optimized product for every need related to the protection of eyesight from the sun's rays. In the 1930s, Ray-Ban successfully produced the first anti-reflective goggles for US Army pilots to mitigate glare. Thirty years later, with the advent of winter sports, the first models of mirrored glasses were made to limit the glare of the snow, and photochromic, useful in situations of light change. At the same time, Ray-Ban Sunglasses continued to be appreciated and sought after by Hollywood celebrities and the great personalities of the world of Music and Art, representing real styles that have remained identifiable over time, such as the Wayfarer, the Aviator, the Clubmaster, the world-famous teardrop sunglasses that have revolutionized and inspired the whole panorama of eyewear throughout the century. The innovation of Ray-Ban sun lenses continues today, with the Evolve photochromic models, the anti-reflective lenses, the polarized lenses, the Flash lenses (mirrored), the classic solid colors lenses, and all the combinations of optical technologies in the most beautiful range by Ray-Ban.

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