Discover Doubleice reading glasses: the colorful pre-mounted ones with elegant and fashionable lines!

Doubleice glasses: the new fashionable pre-mounted ones

They were born from the inventiveness of an Italian female company: the Doubleice pre-assembled reading glasses stand out unequivocally for the style, the colours and the patterns used to give added value to the high quality of the technologies and materials.

Doubleice design reading glasses: innovation and elegance

These glasses designed for reading are indispensable and versatile thanks to their high performance and distinctive design that characterizes them.

Creativity and constructive innovation

The project has its roots in the study of design and high fashion, but also of the experience in the field of optical technological components which has significantly influenced the qualitative characteristics of the glasses , making it unique of its kind and scope for its particularity: transforming the pre-assembled reading glasses into a precious fashion accessory with excellent performance.

Doubleice and sustainability: the BIO-BASED reading glasses

The BIO-BASED Doubleice glasses they have the frame obtained from natural derivatives such as castor oil.
The green choice is distinctive of a responsible brand and its products, safe, non-toxic, reliable, ultra-light.

Choose the gradation and get lost in the patterns of Doubleice patterns!

As with all pre-assembled reading glasses, you just need to know the right diopter.

You'll be spoiled for choice among surprising colors , alternativestyles, imaginative shapesfor every type of face.

"...Today I want to ..." Give the gift of style with Doubleice

You can finally think of pre-assembled glasses also as an original and very useful gift idea.
The dedicated packaging is captivating, with the writing
"Today I want ..." which inspires the mood of the glasses and of the wearer.

Ultralight Bio materials, flex hinges, soft-touch coating, glass lenses  polycarbonate, colors and shapesalways new: the Doubleice reading glasses are performance, rich glasses of details, designed for daily and long-lasting use.

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