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First of all, the Doing (..l'aver Fatto, and the continuing to Do it over the years, but with great passion and constant study). Then, make it an Art, of this Doing, to open a path that will lead him to blossom into something finished and sublime.

Create beauty starting from an enlightening idea that comes without warning, at any time of a day or (more easily) in a night torn between dreams, drawings and thoughts, as only happens to artists. Fabio Stramare is the Designer of beauty that springs from the experience of his hands, and takes shape in glasses that, always from his hands,  become imaginative and unrepeatable frames, because Made and loved individually, at every stroke of file.

Occhiali Dandy's
Occhiali Dandy's
Occhiali Dandy's

Dandy’s: the glasses that makes you look

Look at him, look at him. You miss what is that does not allow you to store it immediately on the display, while it calls you from the multitude of glasses lined up in the optics store.
Because there’s something in him that’s undefined, but it doesn’t let you go. It’s often, but it’s light. It’s impactful, but it doesn’t attack. If it’s raw, it’s extraordinarily harmonious. If it’s shiny, it shines with elegant conviction. It’s unique (there aren’t two identical ones, as they are finished one by one by hand).

It is solid, comfortable, sometimes edgy, other times slightly cheeky but never irreverent, and incredibly versatile. Because you think it’s for men, but women wear it, too, and he changes his face, adapts, and lets himself be taken away.

Occhiali Dandy's
Occhiali Dandy's

This idea of Fabio Stramare has taken the name of Dandy’s, and recalls, in a name with a playful sound, a style linked to the search for beauty.
Everything that appears light or undefined, in this Italian creative project, contains deep and well-defined concepts, and not only in terms of style and construction characteristics. The philosophy of the brand is born from people who have carried out the project consistently with their own ideas and lifestyle.
Dandy’s does not throw smoke in the eyes, it is a sincere brand that proceeds on its way made of wisdom, excellent craftsmanship, discipline and consistency. And it is Italian, produced in limited series or in unique pieces, all finished by hand.

Occhiali Dandy's

Dandy’s Rough collection: the elegant gruff

The Rough series best represents the soul of Dandy’s glasses: the surface, deliberately left in the raw state, shows the sign of a precise and expert manual processing. It surprises and attracts, precisely because of the balance that is created between the tangible footprint that reveals the hand of a great Craftsman and Designer behind the rough and lived appearance of these frames. The natural acetate exposed, without apparent finishes, with the necessary marks left by the files, is elegant for that whole series of sophisticated stylistic and constructive choices that reveal its value and charisma.

Occhiali Dandy's
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