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Here are the 5 key concepts that summarise the new eyewear trends for the current season: Bio-acetate, Genderless, New Vintage, Made in Italy, Anti blue light

The concept of sustainability is definitely (and finally!) becoming part of our way of life, in a slow change that is increasingly involving our way of life, our habits, from responsible consumption to waste reduction.
Even the most evolved world of eyewear is moving towards a clean planet, committing itself to the search for high-performance materials obtained from recycled and eco-sustainable raw materials for the production of frames, starting from a reduced quantity of waste and polluting emissions at source, to totally ecological packaging and shipping.

Such is the case with ALLPOETS glasses (from Etnia Barcelona Culture), made of organic acetate with a very low environmental impact.

Occhiali da sole ALLPOETS Sastre hvbk

Chloè Eyewear uses precious bio acetate for its new collections, combining refinement and elegance with eco-sustainability.

The Readers pre-assembled reading glasses (from Etnia Barcelona Culture) are made of bio acetate, light and resistant.

Like clothes and perfumes that can be used by both men and women, eyewear breaks down all gender barriers and produces frames designed and conceived to simply express a way of being and not to represent a category of people. The reinterpretation of the concept of "unisex" is translated into a deeper key: "genderless" is literally "without gender". So: no longer "male and female", but "genderless", without conditioning, without labelling, without conventions. Genderless glasses express absolute versatility and neutrality.

Vintage now runs independently on its own track, without stopping. What used to be an occasional comeback, a pretext for fashion, is now a deep-rooted genre and is destined to be considered perennial.

Among the "new" vintage shapes for 2022, we find the eternal round-eye glasses, revisited by Chloè Eyewear:

occhiali da vista ALLPOETS

The Gucci Eyewear diva butterfly

the "bold" (thick and marked contours), to which Etnia Barcelona has dedicated a whole collection

Always much loved for their high level of craftsmanship and the advanced construction technologies that make them extremely high performance, Italian eyewear is advancing among the best optical brands.
distinguished by their recognisable style and sophistication. With a strong emphasis on quality manufacturing and innovative design, the trend of 2022 seems to be promoting Italian eyewear production, which is also highly appreciated and sought after in other countries. Some of the Italian eyewear brands and the new 2022 models, both for sunglasses and prescription eyewear:

Bolon prescription frames and sunglasses: Italian design and innovation

Liò eyewear: pioneers of Italian-made products

occhiali da vista ALLPOETS

Bottega Veneta glasses: recognisable Italian quality

occhiali da vista ALLPOETS

Increasingly in demand, in step with the epochal change brought about by the now daily and immoderate use of screens of all kinds (telephone, tablet, PC...), glasses with computer lenses protect the eyesight thanks to special internal filters that block the blue light harmful to eyesight.

This concept gave rise to computer glasses such as the lightweight and highly practical Moleskine

occhiali da vista ALLPOETS

..or Chiara Ferragni's versatile anti-blue light sunglasses, the latest trend and very useful for using screens and displays in situations where the sunlight is very strong (at the beach, for example).

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