Discover the new eyewear trends for Spring Summer 2024: customization, contamination, sustainability, return to the future... in the trendiest frame shapes!


Personalization, contamination and uniqueness: the new eyewear trend for spring-summer 2024

In 2024, eyewear is tinged with uniqueness and "contamination", a vortex of styles, eras and cultures that merge into a kaleidoscope of shapes, colours and materials.

In the photo, the new Gucci sunglasses with animalier patterns revisited in an ultra-modern key and iconic logo, square shape.

Classic and modern yes intertwine, with vintage frames reinterpreted in a contemporary key, while sport and fashion meet in hybrid models that combine comfort with sophistication.

Personalization and fluidity are the words to order: frames with an ultramodern design with details or colors that recall the years  80s - 90s, interchangeable accessories to create always new looks and suitable for every face and taste.

Global inspirations enrich the design with exotic geometries, vibrant prints and bold colours. Innovative and sustainable materials, such as cellulose acetate and light metal , they combine with gradient or mirror lenses to combine style and functionality.

Speaking of these stylistic "fusions", it is yet to be discovered the new 2024 Eyewear Collection ofETNIA BARCELONA: UNDERWATER is inspired by solemnity and mysteries of the underwater world, reinventing shapes, colors and styles in a characterized contemporary key from the concept of universal contamination that distinguishes it.

New SS 2024 ETNIA BARCELONA Underwater collection

ETNIA BARCELONA Belice sunglasses - Limited Edition Red

ETNIA BARCELONA Belice sunglasses - Limited Edition Red

BOTTEGA VENETA bv1303s 006 sunglasses

Glasses with Bottega Veneta Intrecciato motif in injected acetate and bio-nylon lenses - SS 2024

More than a trend , the contaminationin the field of trends is a philosophy that celebrates diversity, sustainability and freedom of expression.

Sunglasses and eyeglasses are not just accessories, but become true expressions of individuality, unique like the look of the person who wears them.

Glasses with interchangeable frames “Hey for Kaleos 2024” – The Beautiful Shape

Hey per Kaleos 2024 edizione limitata

"Hey for Kaleos 2024" - limited edition -

Imagine having a single frame and being able to compose it into a 'infinity of combinations of colors and shapes, based on your look!

KALEOS Hey x Kaleos Modular Limited Edition modular sunglasses

Born from the collaboration with HEY, the creative studio based in Barcelona famous for its bold and colourful communication choices, the new eyeglasses from sun Kaleos - “The Beautiful Shape” have an interchangeable kit > which allows you to obtain 1296 color combinations with a single frame!

Upcycling in eyewear: A Second Life for Glasses

Upcycling in eyewear represents a philosophy Of sustainable design that gives new life to waste materials , transforming them into unique and original frames .

Recycled materials of various kinds, but also acetate waste itself, take on a new form in frames with an innovative and captivating design. Upcycling not only reduces the environmental impact of the optical industry, but also allows you to create objects with a unique and unrepeatable charm , an expression of conscious and responsible fashion.


The new Gucci ReAce Glasses - 2024 Collection - are made with acetate waste taken upstream.


ALLPOETS by ETNIA BARCELONA glasses in organic and recycled acetate with carbon renewal technologies (CRT)

Bio-based acetate for glasses in Harmony with Nature

The eyewear bio-based turns to materials of natural and biodegradable origins for the creation of frames eco-sustainable.
Choosing bio-acetate glasses means making a responsible choice towards the environment, by wearing an accessory that is not only beautiful and stylish, but which also does good for the planet.

“Back to the future”: the new glasses with futuristic details (with one foot in the past) for the new 2024 fashion season

The era of metaverse can only be reflected on the fashion trends 2024 , especially on glasses, an iconic object and closely linked to the concept of vision and multidimensionality .

BALENCIAGA Hamptons Cat sunglasses

Futuristic sunglasses BALENCIAGA Hamptons Cat

BALENCIAGA Hourglass Mask sunglasses

BALENCIAGA Hourglass Mask sunglasses

In fact, it changes our vision of things, which becomes expanded and enlightening; we amplify the potential, we reach the unexplorable with the power of our view, supported by technology. The mentality with which to face these years changes, and the fashion (all this that we will wear and which represents this historical moment), will be permeated by this futuristic concept.

Pilot or Aviator: a style from the past, today an icon of innovation

Pilot or aviator style glasses from iconic and unmistakable design they have atimeless charm which is also maintained for the Spring/Summer 2024.

This style of glasses is inspired by the original design of pilot glasses developed for aviation in the 30s and 40s, revisited in detail andpersonalised from every Brand

GUCCI sunglasses GG1515S 004

GUCCI Aviator style sunglasses with clear lenses

The lines of the original aviator glasses remain identical, but in the new ones editions of the various brands are enriched with innovative materials, bright colors and highly performing, made with themost advanced optical technologies.

In addition to representing an important fashion accessorywith a history behind it, glasses Pilot or Aviator shape offer a clear vision and broad protection from agents atmospheric.

The “Fashion Shield” glasses: elegant and futuristic mask frames

Lenses nuanced, frames frosting , metal details and shapes innovative that challenge traditional conventions will be the protagonist elements of these distinctive Collections, such as the “Fashion Shield” glasses, with the mask silhouette with a futuristic and modern look that makes them immediately recognisable.


ALEXANDER MCQUEEN mask sunglasses


ALEXANDER MCQUEEN single-lens rimless sunglasses

Thanks to their broad coverage , the glasses shield  offer a extra protection against sun, the wind and particles in the air, as well as providing a certain privacy, since they cover a large part of the face.

The revisited "Quiet Luxury" style remains in 2024: discover the new trends in the world of eyewear.

Even for the PE 2024 the concept of "quiet luxury" remains,  with some revisitations > compared to the past year, translating into basic orglasant frames, 

use of preciousmaterials and a design with essentialdetails.

Opt for a pair of glasses of > quiet luxury trend means adopting a sophisticated and timeless style, ideal for those looking for a look contemporaryand elegant, but of high value.

Geometric details on neutral and colours elegant revisit the classic frame shapes making them extremely fascinating and distinctive.