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Clic reading glasses with magnet

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The glasses with frontal magnet CliC are perfect for those who love practicality without neglecting aesthetics and innovation. The peculiarity of these glasses, in addition to opening frontally and having adjustable metal arms that can be adapted to any physiognomy, is the comfortable collar that keeps them stable on the neck once opened.

The sturdiness of CliC magnetic glasses is due to high quality materials and construction techniques: the elasticity and impact resistance of polycarbonate, combined with the extreme durability of the neodymium magnet patented CE and tested in a wind tunnel to withstand a detachment at 208 Km/h, make it a very useful accessory in everyday life.

Not to be outdone is the design chosen for these glasses loved by people who pay attention to novelty and practical and stylish objects: the CliC are produced in various models, and meet the alternative taste of fashion and optical enthusiasts and the attention of lovers of accessories that improve the quality of life.

..What is the purpose of prescription glasses that split in half at the front?
The genius of the patent lies in maximizing comfort during the use of one of the most commonly used objects, such as eyeglasses. Daily gestures such as taking them off when you stop reading, and then putting them back on immediately after a brief interruption, involve a little discomfort and a recurring episode that is a source of nervousness: putting them down absent-mindedly somewhere (sometimes risking breaking them) and having to look for them for a while, as well as often having your hands full.
The use of chains (now a bit obsolete and - let's admit it! - not very loved by the male public) involves other inconveniences due to the bulkiness of the glasses hanging from the neck that moves and sways, also risking to break or to get hooked to some protrusion.
With a single gesture, the resistant magnet positioned on the bridge of the CliC glasses opens, "dividing" the front in two parts and allowing it to go under the chin. The eyewear remains hung around the neck thanks to the rear collar, without cluttering or dangling in an annoying way. With the same naturalness and speed, when needed, all you have to do is pull the two lenses back together, and the frame is back in operation!

... Who were CliC eyeglasses with magnets designed for?
Created in 1996 by Ron Lando, today CEO of the Californian company Clic Products SA, and inspired by a project for astronauts, CliC glasses with magnets are becoming an indispensable alternative for those who need to always have their eyeglasses at hand, without having to store them (risking forgetting them at home or in the bag).
Thanks to their basic style, glasses with magnets on the front are suitable for both men and women. More imaginative models are also available for women, while maintaining an aura of modernity and originality due to the unmistakable technical characteristics.

... How to wear glasses with a CliC magnet?
Thanks to their patented structure, once the magnet is released - with a click, in fact -, located in the center of the front, there is no need to remove them to put them on. The flexible collar frame is designed to hang stably around the neck, shaping itself at will without losing its shape.

... Where to use CliC eyewear with magnets?
These highly practical glasses are pre-assembled for prescription use and come in a variety of shades. They can be used on all occasions that do not require straining the eyesight, and in particular, they are very comfortable when you need to put them on and take them off several times, and always have your hands free. From reading, to using them outdoors, to working... pre-assembled glasses with magnets become a must-have accessory at any time of day.

The models of CliC prescription glasses, with their comfortable fit, are always different and available in various versions. Choose yours on!

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