BOTTEGA VENETA and Zoomer Green sunglasses: the new trend for S/S 2023 on!

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The pretext is to dedicate a trend to Generation Z (that of the 'Zoomers', born between the 1990s and 2000). The style choice is to focus on a very particular shade of bright green (parakeet) for the new sunglass frames proposed in SS2023 by Bottega Veneta, as well as using it for clothing, footwear and fashion accessories

The result is a surprising and revolutionary mix, recognisable and distinctive of these years of controversial events and new attentions that are collectively polarised towards a renewed awareness and responsibility towards the environment and digital progress.

BOTTEGA VENETA bv1004s 005
BOTTEGA VENETA bv1004s 005

Wearing the 'green zoomer' in a pair of Bottega Veneta glasses adds further meaning to this innovative and distinctive trend: if 'looking at life with rose-tinted glasses' was synonymous with optimism and a leaning towards the 'positive' at all costs, the new bright green glasses are the eccentric and more realistic expression of giving the 'green light' (responsibly) after the years of restrictions that have just passed, with an eye to a sustainable and evolved future and with a great need for novelty and eclecticism.

Parakeet Green as the symbol colour of Bottega Veneta (and its sunglasses)

Impossible to look away from the new Bottega Veneta sunglasses frames. Literally hypnotic, the colour of the parakeets' livery (the fanciful parakeets) inspired this trend for the Maison Bottega Veneta, which is a hymn to life, freedom and evolving, to 'looking ahead'.

BOTTEGA VENETA bv1191s 003
BOTTEGA VENETA bv1031s 005

Green sunglasses, in ultra-modern and extravagant shapes, are popular because they are a breakthrough - in quality - in eyewear fashion.
Disrupting all canons but becoming an icon of fashion eyewear, this colour choice, which would once have been seen as a mood for the few, has, thanks to its contemporary allure, uninhibited even the most reticent in wearing bold colours.

Zoomer Green' is not fluorescent, it's not light and it's not dark either, but it is contemporary and bold. And these must-have parakeet-green spectacle frames dedicated to 'Gen-Z' transfer a sense of design and avant-garde to the faces and outfits of their wearers.

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