SNOB MILANO : Zeiss clip-on sunglasses that radically transform prescription glasses into sunglasses

Snob Milano is the Italian eyewear brand with an essential and iconic design that harks back to the (revisited) style of the legendary 80s, to the atmosphere of leisurely well-being and to high quality and Italian craftsmanship, born from a young and highly innovative project.

The convenient clip-on collections make it possible to have prescription glasses that transform into sunglasses with a simple move!

The frames are made with innovative features; the front of the spectacles designed to accommodate the magnetic clip-on features design features that guarantee functionality, lightness and strength. With the appropriate clip-on,
the essential but 'fresh' and stylish Snob Milano prescription frames are transformed into high-quality sunglasses. 

The sun lenses of the magnetic clips are made by Zeiss, a world-leading technogic company in the highly innovative optical sector: this collaboration has given the added value to Snob Milano's Italian project, which is to guarantee an optimal level of portability, versatility, comfort and performance for its glasses with their contemporary and lightweight design.

The magnetic sun clip-ons are made to fit completely over the front, covering it completely. The final effect is thus that of full-fledged sunglasses; the prescription frame remains hidden and integrated, without the unsightly effects of fixings or overlaps.

Snob Milano frames are made of excellent acetate or high quality metal. Shapes and colours recall the lightness and solidity of the 1980s lifestyle and project them into the present-future while retaining their style and elegance, in this completely innovative and high-performance 2-in-1 pair of glasses, suitable for men and women and perfect for any outfit.

The comfort of dual use makes it a must-have.

Experience the versatility of SNOB MILANO double-sided clip-on sunglasses, suitable for every moment of your day and every situation...
you won't be able to do without them anymore!

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