Liò Factory Wire Glasses: handmade glasses in Veneto that resemble interwoven wire and host art, innovation, and beauty in the unique shapes of their frames.

Liò 'Iron Wire' glasses: non-conformism and resilience

...the idea is decidedly 'Unconventional': making glasses with woven wire! It took the unparalleled Italian (Venetian, to be precise) craftsmanship in the field of eyewear, to make amazingly elegant and functional frames from a rough idea, from a poor material, from a concept that encompasses a hidden world of experience, art, openness and expertise. It took Liò Factory to invent them!

Glasses Liò wire Handmade in Veneto - Italy

Liò Factory is the eyewear company founded in Veneto in 1989 that has maintained its philosophy firmly linked to its roots and territory over time, while expanding in terms of innovative technology and artistic and non-conformist design. The phrase "Handmade in Veneto - Italy" is proudly stamped on these frames, which speak to the true optical manufacturing talent of Italy, of renewing and innovating.

Natural and extravagant: 'IO Unconventional' Iron Wire

These wire frame glasses are designed to perform their task excellently, enhancing the physical features of the person wearing them in a distinctive and personal way, highlighting their uniqueness. The bold choice of using wire as a link between the solidity and simplicity of ancient work and the out-of-the-box modernity of these rugged-looking glasses reveals the true wealth in every model.

Award-winning and certified fil di Ferro Liò glasses

The quality certifications, the avant-garde construction choices, the ethical and conservative spirit towards the value and resources of their homeland, as well as many other stylistic and constructional peculiarities, make these artistic glasses a flagship that is also appreciated and rewarded internationally. The Fil di ferro collections have repeatedly been the subject of mentions and awards in competitions related to innovative eyewear design and technology.

Liò Fil di ferro - eyeglasses and sunglasses

From a simple component like wire, new aesthetic designs are born, dedicated to men and women, in both eyeglasses and sunglasses versions: lenses seemingly suspended among the weaves, wires that break out of the frame's pattern in a pleasingly rebellious way, natural hues that respect the basic minimalist concept, artfully disordered overlays that capture the eye and impress with their lightness, despite the choice of raw material they are inspired by: wire. each his own 'Fil di ferro' Unconventional Liò Factory glasses, sunglasses or eyeglasses!
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