"The colours of our history": Etnia Barcelona's new limited edition collection of polarised glasses tells the football history of the glorious FC Barcelona through the colours, grit and style of a winning team founded in 1899!

Art and Sport - harmony and pride

..Yet another Etnia Barcelona Eyewear goal, in the truest sense of the word: after the latest highly acclaimed eyewear collections, the inspiration of the world-loved Spanish optical brand shifts to the history of football, in particular that of the Barcelona FC (Barça) team.
The design of the Collection, with its colours revealed in hidden details on frames with a seemingly classic and timeless impact, is a hymn to harmony and beauty in sport, in bodies in motion, in the collective effort of a team in achieving a victory.

Etnia Barcelona FC (Barça) sunglasses.
Etnia Barcelona fc boat collection

6 Eyewear Models - 6 Stages in the History of the Mythical Barça

The milestones in the history of Barcelona FC in the Champions League are the proud pretext for not contradicting the consistent and constant philosophy of the Spanish eyewear brand Etnia Barcelona and bringing Art, Sport, fashion, technological innovation and sustainability summed up in a new sunglasses capsule that is exciting and, as usual, balanced in style and uniqueness.

"The colors of our history" - FC Barcelona

Sports and the history of "a team" become the spokesperson for a universal message: Etnia Barcelona Eyewear is used to breaking down barriers of any kind using communication that passes through love for beauty, art, harmony, respect, reaching everyone directly and cleanly. And it does so, punctually, with a series of details from the researched study, with an unparalleled history and expertise behind it. Through the stunning illustrations of Dutch painter Pascal Möhlmann, used not only for communication but also for the refined packaging that accompanies this limited series of glasses, the essence of these universal concepts reaches their goal and the hearts of all beauty lovers. Every detail is symbolically inserted into the details of the frames: from the team's emblem to the year of foundation - 1899 - in gilded characters, to the patterns of the uniforms, all without weighing down the black or Havana acetate front.

"HD Polarized and Limited Edition Lenses"

The new collection of handmade Etnia Barcelona FC polarized glasses in Italy is divided into two branches: the superlative Limited Edition 1899, in black acetate, with logos and emblem of FC Barcelona engraved with a laser and plated in 24kt gold, and the imaginative series of sunglasses "The colors of our history" inspired by the jerseys worn by Barcelona players in the 6 UEFA Champions League final matches (including that of the female team!).

ETNIA BARCELONA Sunglasses Gothenburg 2021 Barça
ETNIA BARCELONA Paris 2006 Barça sunglasses

The colours of Barça's uniforms in Etnia Barcelona's glasses

The polarised sunglasses inspired by the shirts worn during Barça's 6 final matches in the Uefa Cup, from 1992 to 2015, express the atmosphere and through the colour combinations of the uniforms, as well as the team's emblems. The final effect is that of a contemporary, versatile and refined collection that excites through symbols and precious details without redundancy.

1899 - Barça and Etnia Barcelona Eyewear
1899 is the year in which the FC Barcelona football team was born. We find this highly symbolic number in each pair of glasses from the Etnia Barcelona capsule of the same name, engraved in gold lettering along with the team's coat of arms.
The limited edition of the eponymous series is produced in 1899 pieces. Each pair of glasses in this precious collection bears its own serial number engraved on the temple.
The match to which the eyewear model of the capsule dedicated to the milestones in Barcelona's history refers is written on the inside of the temple.

ETNIA BARCELONA Berlin 2015 Barça sunglasses

Etnia Barcelona Eyewear and Pascal Möhlmann

Needless to say, the beauty of the Collection emanates from the precious and natural Italian acetate, the avant-garde construction details, the choice of category 3 HD polarised lenses with 100% UV protection, the strictly Italian manufacture, the sustainability of the materials used including those for the packaging, here inspired by the art-working of Dutch painter Pascal Möhlmann.

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