New futuristic BALENCIAGA S/S 2023 Glasses - The most striking collections and new trends from the catwalk shows to the looks of celebrities: SKIN-CAT, HOURGLASS, SPIKE, REVERSE XPANDER

Balenciaga Eyewear, for the new Spring - Summer 2023 season, once again overturns its modeling and reinventing futuristic and performing lines and wearability. The inexhaustible creative charge of the genius and alternative brand flows superlatively into the Sunglasses sector without ceasing to surprise and satisfy the eyes (in every sense: of those who admire them and of those who wear them!)

Enveloping, ergonomic, aerodynamic, unedited:the focus on 4 of the most acclaimed models has innovation as its point in terms of wearability: not just unprecedented frame shapes, but structures and technologies designed to fit glasses in a completely new and revolutionary way.

Frames shaped like a veil on the face allow absolute freedom of facial movement; openings on the front and finishes that follow the lines of the face are combined with the lightness of the bio-injected and with a superfuturistic design.

Balenciaga Skin-cat glasses: the elegance of the superhero.

Vaguely reminiscent of a superhero mask, these bold and ergonomic glasses Skin-cat by Balenciaga. "Skin" because thanks to the integrated nosepiece  they lie on the face in a fluid way, like a second skin, allowing freedom of movement and a protection without equal. "Cat" because they recall the cat's eye shape in both the unisex (smaller size) and female (oversize) versions. Already present in the winter fashion show, we find them worn by celebrities such as Madonna, Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian.

BALENCIAGA BB0251S 001 Skin Cat Stylottica
BALENCIAGA BB0256S 001 Hourglass
BALENCIAGA BB0256S 001 Hourglass

Balenciaga Hourglass: the iconic hourglass sunglasses PE2023

Definitely innovative lines and concave surfaces recall the shape of the iconic and homonymous Hourglass bag by Balenciaga, and reinforce its style with a complete and niche look. The "BB" symmetrical hinge-logo (also molded on the temple whose concavities it incorporates) is the ironic and elegant detail of these super-charismatic and evolved sunglasses, made of bio-injected material of biological origin.

Balenciaga Reverse Xpander sunglasses: the evolution

These unisex glasses with a dynamic look > and linear, with straight temples and the enveloping structure (common denominator of the new models of sunglasses proposed by Balenciaga for the SS2023) are the evolution of the model presented in 2022: here the frame is open in the lower part of the front , and creates a technical and light allure. Embellished by the enamel logo on the temple, the new Balenciaga Reverse Xpander are a perfect mix of futuristic-technological elegance. The lenses are made of bio-nylon

Overwhelming and enveloping: Balenciaga Spike sunglasses

Crafted with an eccentric design based on the most enveloping designed by Balenciaga (the Super-7, for lovers and enthusiasts of the brand), the Balenciaga Spike sunglasses overturn the usual linearity with their 3d tips all - hand-polished over.
This model was the protagonist of the SS 2023 fashion show in New York.

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