Carl Zeiss Vintage Glasses: The Authentic 80's Collection!

Occhiali da vista CARL ZEISS 2116 8400 Vintage

This is not a collection that follows vintage trends, limiting itself to drawing inspiration from the much-loved retro design, but an authentic series of glasses produced in the 80s by the historic Zeiss brand, pioneer of cutting-edge optics and precision instruments!

 Collectors of glasses, but also of precious vintage accessories, can be amazed by the truly retro stylistic balance emanating from these legendary frames by Zeiss dating back to the unmistakable 80s and re-proposed in every version still available.

Zeiss Glasses from the 80s: the "decisive" years and glasses as a cult object

From a sophisticated visual instrument of excellent quality by Carl Zeiss to witness of a fashion factor that marked an era with its recognisable stylistic and design choices: the original vintage 80s glasses by Zeiss are the hallmark of an eclectic charm and turning point of those not so distant years in which a significant and shocking switch in the canons of fashion and design took place.

Occhiali da sole CARL ZEISS 8136 8200 Vintage
CARL ZEISS 2085 8103 Vintage Eyeglasses

 Eccentric color contrasts, aviator and oversized shapes, details that steal the scene distinguish these vintage frames produced in the 80s with an elegant balance that makes them very current and speaks of their origin from the world of high-quality optics.

The precious Collection includes optical frames, sunglasses and photochromic glasses.

...even the most essential frames have a detail that "shouts out" the desire to dare and to overturn typical of 80s fashion: applications of contrast parts on elegant metal optical frames enliven the shapes, characterising an otherwise pragmatic and banal design.

The glasses conceived in this way become icons of a historical period that led to abandoning all existing conformism, communicating this concept through the their innovative and recognizable design.

CARL ZEISS 3188 2389 Vintage Eyeglasses
CARL ZEISS 6821 4300 Vintage Eyeglasses

Original 80's Carl Zeiss Photochromic Sunglasses

CARL ZEISS 8152 8400 b Vintage Photochromic Sunglasses

The 80s photochromic sunglasses by Carl Zeiss represent a true stylistic breakthrough because they combine the performances of adaptive sunglasses with a refined and unconventional style that only the original vintage frames can express.

CARL ZEISS 8134 8800 Vintage Photochromic Sunglasses
CARL ZEISS 8139 8300 Vintage Photochromic Sunglasses

Vintage Zeiss glasses dedicated to Marwitz

These high-quality glasses models produced by Zeiss in the 1980s are dedicated to Marwitz, the founder of Marwitz & Hauser GmbH, a great pioneer in the history of German optical production.
In the 1960s the company became the property of Zeiss, which has maintained the collaboration with its founder.

CARL ZEISS Marwitz 6064 458 Vintage Eyeglasses
CARL ZEISS Marwitz 5260 966 Vintage Eyeglasses

Sinuous metal applications and full-bodied profiles in shaded colours amplify the character of these eccentric frames, rich in history and expertise.

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