Buy your glasses today. Then pay.

Choose Scalapay at checkout.
Receive your order now and pay in 3 convenient installments of the same amount, without interest

How does it work

     Use Scalapay for purchases up to 300 Euros
     Choose Scalapay at checkout
     Create an account in minutes. You need an Italian debit or credit card
     Only the first installment will be charged to your card at the time of purchase
     Every 4 weeks (when the installment expires) Scalapay will withdraw the amount directly from your card
     In case of return, the payment plan will be canceled and you will be reimbursed the amount relating to the installments already paid


     You must be of age
     If the automatic payment of the installment is not successful you will have 24 hours to complete the payment directly from your Scalapay account
     At the end of the 24 hours Scalapay will add late fees of up to € 6 and an additional € 6 if the installment is not paid within 7 days
     Delay fees cannot exceed 10% of the total order

The advantages of paying with Scalapay

3 simple installments

Pay your purchase in 3 equal installments, expiring every 4 weeks

0% interest

If you meet the deadlines, you will pay only the cost of the item you purchased, without interest and without additional costs.

Receive your order right away

The order is shipped immediately while you pay in installments!

Quick and easy

Create an account in 2 minutes, without filling in complex forms!

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