Sabine be idol glasses: contrasts and oversized transparencies

Transparent, coloured acetate shaped with bold lines and great character: the "be idol" model from Sabine be, the French brand with its innovative and recognisable design, is without doubt the most intriguing unisex spectacle frame in terms of the latest trends.
Oversize for women and charismatic for men: the same frame (vaguely reminiscent of the wayfarer style) creates different moods through the play of the double frame. The transparencies underneath the bold colours are reminiscent of a neon effect and play ironically and elegantly downplay the frame's bold, squared-off shape.
Variants mixing classic patterns (such as the timeless tortoiseshell) with brightly coloured plates are a contemporary, non-conformist style choice with an elegant impact.
All made from high-quality materials and high-level comfort details. For him and for her.
Here are the colours of the Be idol:

Col. 285 shiny fuchsia pink | shiny neon pink

Col. 286 shiny horn | shiny klein blue

Col. 287 shiny baby pink | shiny tokyo scale

Col. 288 shiny translucent red | shiny pink

Col. 289 shiny blonde veined tortoise | shiny ivory

Col. 290 shiny tiger tortoise | shiny yellow

Col. 291 shiny Vanilla choco | shiny red

Col. 292 shiny translucent light green | white | shiny translucent light green | White

Col. 293 shiny translucent nude | white | shiny translucent nude | shiny grey

Col. 294 shiny midnight blue | shiny purple

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