New Sabine be arty: retro taste and contemporary innovation

The irresistible 'be arty' frame of the French brand Sabine be plays, as usual for this brand with an extremely innovative style, with contrasting effects and "suspended" shapes. The transparent or colored inserts literally break up the square and vaguely vintage lines of these quality acetate glasses which, when worn,
it seems divided into three parts, creating a surprising and typical effect of the nonconformist design that distinguishes Sabine be Eyewear. The inevitable asymmetrical detail on the terminals makes it recognizable and distinctive.
Suitable for lovers of particular frames, the be arty is the perfect eyewear for everyday use thanks to the excellent quality of the materials and the comfortable fit. The chromatic choices for this slightly retro' new collection often start from a neutral base, such as tortoiseshell, transparent gray, opaque black, whose essentiality is undermined by neon or transparent inserts.

Here are the colors of the Bearty:

Col. 367 écaille cerise brillant | brilliant white

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