Couture. Contemporaneity. Realism. Innovation. Extravagance. Uniqueness.
These concepts are repeated and expanded in many facets of fashion, with different declinations. 
More and more closely tied to the world of aesthetics, eyeglasses and sunglasses are now the key that determines our mood. Which, like clothes, can be different depending on the styles we want to interpret, and above all on how they affect our physiognomy and expressiveness once worn.

Cristòbal Balenciaga and eyewear.

You close your eyes and think of the new, the beautiful, that sense of security and identification that you feel when you wear the elegance and essence of a taste created by someone who invented fashion and dedicated his life to transfer his genius and his imprint in the most common objects, such as, for example, glasses.

The imprint of Cristòbal Balenciaga is today distinctive and recognizable even to those who are not particularly familiar with the world of haute-couture, a term now in common use that defines that level distinction between popular fashion and high fashion.
Behind the iconic Brand there is a brilliant and timeless person who, in 1917, at only 22 years old, in times so different from today, conquered the world of elegance with his boutiques and his fashion houses, starting from Spain (his native land), landing in France, and expanding throughout the world, where he is still recognized and loved.

Extreme structure and original materials combined with more classic elements make the Balenciaga Eyewear collection genuine and easily recognizable.




Balenciaga eyewear is an expression of a well-defined identity that focuses on self-confidence, diversity as a value, creativity, uniqueness and social equality.

The logo is often reinvented and present on each model, confirming its unique style.

The materials chosen for Balenciaga eyewear range in innovative and technological combinations: elegance and design meet modernity and versatility of use. Excellent acetates are combined with innovative materials and injection techniques, and with treatments and processing of the lenses that often integrate with part of the temple in a solution of continuity that is decidedly distinctive of the design.

The Extreme collection, as echoed in the name chosen, brings back very particular styles, for use in situations where the stresses can be more significant, such as sports. The materials and construction techniques of Extreme glasses are carefully chosen to offer style and comfort at the same time.
The Oversize THICK, the mirrored single lens SKI, the UNLIMITED with its illusionary lines, the high-performance and very smart MONO and the HYBRID, which combine the technical features of sports eyewear with contemporary urban design, are the declinations of this mood, to be chosen according to one's need for impact and use.

"Everyday": having a pair of Balenciaga signature eyewear doesn't mean you can't integrate it into your lifestyle.
Precisely because of the principle of pragmatism and realistic fashion, the Everyday line is designed to be part of our day, as they are comfortable, well designed, with a perfect fit.
Balenciaga Everyday Verso glasses break away from classic canons with their counter-trend details; the unisex, lightweight and minimalist Agents are great for work and the office. The evolved Vintage combines styles from the past with devices designed for use on the move, while the ultra-light Invisible, with laser-engraved logo, are designed for a modern and active lifestyle. Finally, the Neo, inspired by the 90s, with enamel logo and wrap-around shapes.
The motto, and common denominator of this wide variety of high-level glasses, is "Leader, no follower!"
...we had no doubt!


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